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On our 800-meter-long 5-mast facility, water-skiers, trickski- and wakeboard riders are welcome. For wakeboarders we have Kicker (big and small), Texas Jack, Transition Rail (big), Diamond Peak, Pipe, Butter Box and a Funbox on the water.

Our water skiing facility is located in North Rhine-Westphalia between Hannover and Bielefeld. Our lake has a size of 8 ha and is used exclusively for water skiing and wakeboarding. We distribute equipment from head to toe – including neoprene suits, so you don't have to feel cold even at low temperatures. There are also skis, vests, wake- and easy-up boards.

Our bistro at the water skiing facility invites you for a stay. At the campingpark Kalletal you can spend your holidays with your own tent or caravan or you can rent a caravan or a chalet.

Enjoy lots of water sports – we look forward to seeing you!

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Wasserski Kalletal

Wasserski Kalletal

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